Herbal tea Kidney Сristalon Danikafarm-GreenSet, 20 tea bags

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Herbal tea Kidney Сristalon contains a balanced composition of the medicinal plants that not only take care of the kidneys, but maintain their vitality, prevent the development of inflammation, the formation of salt deposits in the kidneys, bladder, joints, normalize salt metabolism, promote removal of sand and toxins with urine, easy the kidney functions in the regions with high level of mineral salts in water.

Indications: tonic for the kidneys and urinary tract, prevention of kidney stones.

Ingredients: nettle leaves, grass knotweed, herb St. John's wort, grass Pol-Pala, orthosiphon, yarrow, chamomile flowers, cornflower.

Original name: Herbal tea Kidney Сristalon, 20 bags Danikafarm-Greenset.

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