Haritaki Shri Ganga, 120 tablets

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Haritaki is one of the most important plants of Ayurveda. Has a rejuvenating effect on Vata, Kapha and regulates only stimulates excess Pitta. Nourishes brain and nerves, gives energy of pure consciousness.

Haritaki has five out of six tastes (except salty). Prolongs life, rejuvenates the body, is the best tonic and stimulant, producing no side effects. Helps burn AMA, no matter how deep it nor ingrained in the body, balances the doshas, slightly poslabljaet. In summer it's better to use kefir or yogurt, in the rainy season (late spring and early autumn) with salt in the spring with brown sugar and winter – with ginger. Gives the sharp eyesight, treats diabetes and skin diseases.

Haritaki is an effective astringent that is used as a gargle at the surface extending to the mucous membranes. Regulates colon function. Improves digestion and assimilation of food, the voice and vision, promotes longevity. Haritaki improves the intellect and gives wisdom. Haritaki helps to strengthen the drop-down organs, normalizes the allocation of excessive sweating, cough, spermatorrhea, menorrhagia and leucorrhoea. Reduces the accumulation and stagnation of Cotton. This is one of the components of the famous composition Triphala.


Indications: cough, asthma, hoarseness, hiccup, vomiting, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, poor digestion, bloating, parasitic infections, tumors, jaundice, diseases of the spleen and heart, skin diseases, itching, edema, nervous disorders.

Content: Haritaki.


Cautions: pregnancy, dehydration, severe depletion or exhaustion, very high Pitta.


Use: 2-4 tablets twice a day.

Original name: Haritaki, 120 tablets Shri Ganga.

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