Guduchi Himalaya, 60 tablets

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Guduchi or Giloy is one of the best purifying ayurvedic medicines. It reduces Ama (products of incomplete metabolism in blood). Guduchi helps to expel all the toxins, produced by pathogenic flora, thus boosting immunity and vitality. 

It has diuretic and sudorific activity. 

Also Guduchi is useful in some liver disorders and different fever-types.

Guduchi benefits:

  • it reduces ama and expels toxins from the organism;
  • diuretic and sudorific activity;
  • it is helful in arthritis;
  • it heals liver disorders;
  • boosting of vitality and immunity.

Indications: chronic and recurrent infections, various liver disorders, arthritis, as an adjuvant during chemotherapy.

Content: extract of Tinospora Cordifolia, 250 mg, coating base.

Dosage/Application: 2 tablets twice a day.

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