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Gandmala Kandan ras is an excellent ayurvedic formula for treatment of various thyroid gland diseases, adenitis, cervical lymphadenitis (neck lymphadenitis). 

In ayurvedic tradition all thyroid gland disorders are connected with immune system. Main ingredients of Gandmala Kandan ras are efficient immunomodulatory substances, which provide healing effect. 

This medicine leads to gentle healing. Six month of Gandmala Kandan ras therapy can normalize thyroid gland function. Its main advantage before “classical” medicine is that Gandmala Kandan ras is not a hormone-replacement therapy and does not interfere with subtle hormone metabolism. 

Gandmala Kandan ras activates lymphatic drainage. Thus it is a great lymph-purifying medicine. It is very efficient in adenitis and cervical (neck) lymphadenitis.

Gandmala Kandan ras benefits:

  • nonhormonal medicine for treatment of various thyroid gland disorders;
  • gentle effect;
  • it is a good lymph-purifying medicine;
  • it is helpful in adenitis, cervical lymphadenitis.

Indications: hyper- and hypothyroidism, adenitis, cervical lymphadenitis.   

Content: Parad, Gandhak, Tamra, Mandoor, Sunthi, Kali Marich, Pipali, Namak Sendhav, Kanchnar Chal, Guggul.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets twice a day. 

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