Eye drops Nayan Amritam Kuzhampu Kottakkal, 10 ml

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Nayan Amritam Kuzhampu used to treat degenerative eye diseases - optic nerve atrophy, ocular muscle, the changes in the structure of the lens caused by cataracts, glaucoma, and a long wearing glasses. Plant extracts and honey that are included Nahyan Amritam Kuzhambu nourish the retina, optic nerve, blood vessels and clear the eye ducts. Dosage/Application Nayan Amritam Kuzhampu allows you to lower the intraocular pressure, thereby reducing the ravages of glaucoma.


Indications: atrophy of the optic nerve, muscles, cataract, glaucoma.

Content: 0.024 g Pippali, Maricha, Kanaka (Swarn), Tutha, Anjana each 0.04 g, 0.08 g Rohini, Haritaki 0.096 g, Kapoor 0.160 g, 3ml Amla ras, Madhu to 10ml.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 drops in the morning, before washing your face and before bedtime, after washing. Attention, these drops cause a fairly strong burning sensation that goes away after 1-2 minutes. To reduce this effect after instillation, close the eye and move the eyes left and right.

These drops have a dark color and high density. After drying some components of the droplets left on the skin color pigment that easily washed off with water, keep that in mind if you have a need to be in the company after use of the medicine.

Original name: Nayan Amritam Kuzhampu Kottakkal.

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