Cream Boro plus Emami, 40 ml

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Cream Boro plus is generic antiseptic cream that helps heal scrapes, abrasions, burns, cracked skin and even injuries. The herbal extracts included in the cream penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate cell renewal and restore the skin. Additionally, this cream helps to care for dry skin. Also, cream Boro plus effectively relieves itching from insect bites.

Indications: damaged skin, cracked lips, irritation and inflammation of the skin (including after shave), boils.

Content: Hedychium Spicatum, Santalum album, Aloe barbadensis, Azadirachta Indica, Pavonia odorata, Ocimum sanctum, Curcuma longa, Nymphaea alba, Acacia catechu, Jasad bhasma, Tankan, Dugdha pashana, base, permitted preservatives.

Dosage/Application: apply a thin layer 2-3 times daily to affected area.

Attention: We are bringing the Cream directly from India. Cream with Ukrainian / Russian inscriptions has changed the composition.

Original name: Cream Boro plus, 40 ml Emami.

In our store You can buy authentic Cream Boro plus, 40 ml Emami at the best price!

This remedy is not a product of allopathic medicine. Mostly, it considered as food supplement that can be used only as a addition to the diet. All information on the treatment of diseases with this product is based on the knowledge of Ayurveda, phytotherapy and nutrition and is not confirmed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health or other competent organizations and can only be used for reference.

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