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Calicum - complex supplement, containing amla and various types of natural calcium. This medicine is used to maintain the level of calcium in the body, as well as fractures and osteoporosis. Also Calicum useful for women during pregnancy and lactation.

Additionally, this medicine is a tonic for the digestive, respiratory, urinary and nervous systems. Calicum can be used as auxiliary medicine for the treatment of peptic ulcer, gastritis, reflux, cough and asthma.

Indications: calcium deficiency, fractures, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, gastritis, cough, asthma, reflux.

Content: one tablet contains Amla 160 mg, 60 mg Shankh bhasma, Praval bhasma, Godanti bhasma, Kodi bhasma, bhasma Chhir, Kukudant each bhasma 20 mg, excipients.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.


Note: the main component of this medicine is Amla. In many cases, Calicum cannot cover the body's need for calcium. To compensate for the lack of calcium best in food, for example cheese (semi-soft cheeses such as Cheddar, other soft cheeses, etc.) and vegetables (spinach and others).

Original name: Calicum Shri Ganga.

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