Bavasir ke masso ka tail Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy, 30 ml

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Bavasir ke masso ka tail is a medicine for the treatment of hemorrhoids and and cracks in the rectum. This medicine allows to quickly remove the inflammation and pain. Bavasir ke masso ka tail helps to remove hemorrhoids, improves healing of cracks and prevents the appearance of new ones.
Indications: Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, proctitis (inflammation of the rectum).

Content: Pashanbhed, Vidanga, Kuchla each 0.63 gm, Kaner Jad, Danti, Hartal each 0.31 gm, Kasis, Pippali, Thuhar each 1.25 gm, Gomutra 6.3 gm, Til tail q.s.
Dosage/Application: locally 1 or twice a day (with diseases of the rectum before and after the stool). To achieve a better effect, it is advisable to use together with Bavasir ki dawa.

Benefits / Indications

Hemorrhoids, proctitis, anal fissures
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