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Artichoke has a pronounced hepatoprotective properties and is used in disorders of the liver, psoriasis biliary tract, cholecystitis. Additionally, this plant has a positive effect on lipid metabolism, reduces cholesterol level in the blood, reduces the content of urea (diuretic effect).

Pharmacological properties of Artichoke are related to the presence in its composition phenolic compounds cynarin in combination with phenalkylamine, bioflavonoids and other active substances. Hepatoprotective the effect of the baskets due to antioxidant and membrane stabilizing properties of the plant. He has distinct choleretic action (holekineticescoe and choleretic effect), the ability to reduce hepatic cholestasis and increase the flow of bile, to increase the functional activity of liver cells and antitoxic the possibility of the liver.
Ascorbic acid, vitamin, carotene, inulin, contained in baskets, regulate metabolic processes in the body, improve the condition fetoplacental system, prevent the violation of the permeability of the placenta, which allows the use of artichoke in obstetrics and gynecology.
Universal herbal hepatoprotector Artichoke - liver diet has proven therapeutic properties and is indicated for patients with lesions of the liver, disorders of the biliary tract, chronic intoxication, azotemia and hypercholesterolemia.
The uniqueness hepatoprotective action is due to antioxidant artichoke, membrane stabilizing, anti-toxic properties. He is actively it neutralizes and eliminates toxins, salts of heavy metals, pesticides, increases bile secretion, normalizes the process of bile, enhances the detoxification processes and liver activity. Choleretic effect of artichoke is used in disorders of the liver, psoriasis biliary tract, cholecystitis.
Additionally, Artichoke improves the filtration function of the kidneys and is recommended for chronic renal failure. The combination of a diuretic and hepatoprotective effect Artichoke is distinguished from other diuretic plants. Additionally, Artichoke expressed hypoazotemic properties, it helps eliminate urea from the body, reduces the level of nitrogen-containing substances in the blood, that allows to use it successfully when jade and oligouria.
Baskets artichoke normalize intracellular metabolism of phospholipids, lowers synthesis and concentration of total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein, reduce the rate of atherogenic blood plasma, showing in General a cholesterol-lowering effect.

Modern clinical studies have shown that Artichoke a significant effect on the hypercholesterolemia, which is associated with the development of atherosclerosis. Effective cholesterol reduction is achieved by increase elimination of cholesterol and reducing its biosynthesis in liver.
Proven regular intake of artichoke, prevents the early stages the formation of atherosclerotic vascular changes. Additionally, confirmed by its effect on fat metabolism. Artichoke is not only recognized means of herbal medicine, but also a robust alternative to synthetic lipid-lowering medicines (R. F. Weiss, F. Fintelmann, 2004).
Fundamental studies conducted in Germany indicate that the active substances contained in this plant (polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids: luteolin and its glycosides) inhibit the resynthesis of cholesterol and exhibit powerful antioxidant action.

The results of clinical observations the condition of patients with high confidence confirm the elimination of persistent emetic symptoms, pain, bloating stomach, improving appetite (Fintelmann, 1996). In individuals with dyspeptic disorders, on the background disorders of the gallbladder function, artichoke weakened feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region, belching eliminated, nausea (Bandy R. etal. 2004).

Artichoke and indispensable for lovers of fat and spicy food. Especially medicines of artichoke are useful for individuals elderly with reduced digestion and a weakened enzymatic activity.


- chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract, chronic hepatitis;
- GIT for gipotoniceski-hypokinetic type, including on the background of chronic hepatitis;
- acalculous cholecystitis acalculous, functional disorders of the gallbladder;
- dyspeptic disorders with sensations of heaviness in the epigastric region, nausea, belching;
- atherosclerosis, high cholesterol;
- hypercholesterolemia against the background of concomitant diseases of the liver;
- hyperlipidemia, including hereditary origin;
- chronic renal failure initial stages, nephritis;
- chronic intoxication;
the old age.

Content: basket of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) of 99.9%, lactose 0.1 percent.

Dosage/Application: 2 tablets 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment-and-prophylactic course of 8-12 weeks, repeat if necessary 2-3 weeks.

Original name: Artichoke, 90 tablets Greenset-Danikafam.

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Geriatric changes, old age
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