Antiseptic cream Himalaya, 20 grams

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Antiseptic cream is used for quick healing of wounds, cuts, burns, and eliminating skin infections and inflammations. This cream has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects, soothes pain, relieves irritation and itching. Antiseptic cream Himalaya also helps to quickly deal with pimples and skin inflammation, has a drying effect, soothes and calms the skin.

Indications: burns, cuts, skin infections and inflammation.

Ingredients: Kumari 20%, Nirgundi 1%, Vatadha 1%,Manjishta 0.5%, Tankana bhasma, Yashad bhasma each 1.25%, Cream base, preservatives q approved.s.

Dosage/Application: apply the cream on the affected area of skin two or three times a day.

Original name: Himalaya Antiseptic cream.

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Benefits / Indications

Dermatitis, skin irritation
Skin burns
Skin cuts
Skin diseases
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