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Klarina prevents and eliminates inflammatory changes of the skin, has antiseptic, tightens pores, reduces sebum, regenerates the skin and restores the protective skin barrier.

Thanks to the extracts of aloe, almond, of alternantery, madder, powders of sodium borate, zinc ash cream Klarina :

  • prevents and eliminates inflammatory changes of the skin;

  • has antiseptic effect, reduces pores;

  • reduces the formation of sebum, regenerates the skin and restores the protective skin barrier;

  • tones, nourishes, reduces redness, dryness and peeling of the skin.

As proof of the efficiency below is the data of one clinical trial, involving 50 patients 1, 2 and 3 stages of acne, apply the cream Klarina twice a day for 6 weeks, marked reduction of the following symptoms:

- narrowing of the pores and decrease skin oiliness by 70%;
- reduction of hyperpigmentation 73%;
- reducing the number of papules 69%;
- reducing the number of pustules by 70%
- reducing the number of black comedones 83%
- reducing the number of white comedones on 80%
- reducing the number of nodul 87%
- reducing the number of scars(of the skin) is 64%
- reduction in symptoms of burning, irritation 82%
- reducing itching 96%

The total efficiency at the 10 signs of acne is 77%.


  • For acne as monotherapy, and in addition to the comprehensive treatment

  • For problem skin, prone to redness and irritation

Original name:

Clarina, 30 grams Himalaya.

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This remedy is not a product of allopathic medicine. Mostly, it considered as food supplement that can be used only as a addition to the diet. All information on the treatment of diseases with this product is based on the knowledge of Ayurveda, phytotherapy and nutrition and is not confirmed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health or other competent organizations and can only be used for reference.

Freqently asked questions

Is this medicine safe?
Yes, Anti acne cream Clarina Himalaya is completely safe to take in the doses indicated in the description, except for the cases indicated in the "Contraindications" section.
Will this medicine help me?
We have indicated all the cases where Anti acne cream Clarina Himalaya is used, starting with those where it is most effective. Please compare the description and indications with your symptoms or diagnosis.
What are the side effects of this medicines?
Anti acne cream Clarina Himalaya has no side effects when it is used according to the information specified in the "Dosage" section. However, individual intolerance of the medicine or its components is possible.
Can this medicine be taken with pharmaceutical drugs?
Yes, Anti acne cream Clarina Himalaya combines well with pharmaceuticals. However, if the action of these drugs is similar to the action of Anti acne cream Clarina, better to reduce the dosage of this medicine.
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