Kalonji oil, 100 ml

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Kalonji oil (black cumin Oil) - a unique gift of nature to man. This oil has a pronounced immunomodulatory properties. Oil Kalonji indicated for the treatment of many types of cancer, as well as for prevention of this disease. The use of this oil in cancer therapy can slow the tumor growth and significantly reduce the number of cancer cells.

Oil Kalonji useful in diabetes, it improves insulin production.

In addition, this oil is indicated in cases of asthma and other chronic diseases of the respiratory system and skin. Oil Kalonji improves digestion and metabolism, reduces intoxication of the organism, is a good tonic for the liver. Due to these properties, oil Kalonji used to combat obesity.

Content: Nigella sativa oil 99.9%

Original name: Kalonji oil Amrit Veda.

Synonyms: Kalinji oil, Black seed oil, black cumin Oil, Oil Kalindi,

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