Sonitamritam Kashayam, 200 ml

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Sonitamritam Kashayam, 200 ml companies Arya Vaidya Sala

Description Sonitamritam Kashayam, 200 ml

Sanitarium, Kashaya is highly effective to eliminate the toxic conditions of the blood, cleanse the blood tissue of toxins.


Indications: All types of pathologies of the blood caused by inflammation, including poisoning and viruses. Violation Rakta dhatu (blood tissue), Pachaka Pitta, nitrous blood, psoriasis, leprosy, eczema, "boiling" blood, herpes, rashes,problems of contamination of the blood, skin rashes, pimples, boils, sudasana skin rashes, itching, epistaxis, measles.

General guidelines for admission:

Depending on the age and weight of a person 5 to 15 ml. of broth to stir in the liquid (boiled cooled water) in a ratio of 1:4. (one part water and four parts of water). Make depending on pathology, age and weight, two or three times a day 1 hour before meal 1 or 3 tbsp. of the resulting solution.

Children up to 3 years, 1 tsp broth diluted in 50 ml. of water and drink throughout the day. Children 5 years 2 tsp broth diluted in 50 ml. of water and drink throughout the day. Adults dosage of 10 – 30 ml of broth for a day. The duration of treatment from 5 days to one month.
Then it is necessary to do relief bowel.


At the time of taking this decoction, you need to follow a particular diet. Not eat spicy, sour and salty foods too. Not to use toxins (alcohol, medicines). To reduce the amount of canned food. Lowering the consumption of coffee, white sugar and confectionery products. To drink during the day more boiled water.


Content: Pathya, Gopangama, Nimba.

The broth has a natural sediment.

Before use it should be carefully stirred.

Original name: Sonitamritam Kashayam, Kottakkal.

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