Ajaswagandhadi leham, 500 gr

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Ajaswagandhadi leham (Ajamamsa rasayana) is very famous medicine of Kerala school of Ayurveda. The main use of Ajashwagandhadi lehyam is to improve muscle strength for weak body due to long-term illness. Also, it is a very good tonic that energizes the entire body, restoring normal weight, increase stamina, improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Indication: fatigue, powerful aphrodisiac, improves muscle strength, useful to relieve tiredness, quickens the recovery from tiredness after gym and exercise, restores and keeps optimum energy levels throughout the day.

Content: Aswagandha, Ajamamsam, Sita, Atmaguptaphala, Madhuyashti, Salamamsiri, Tukakshiri, Trijata, Kosa, Lavanga, Kshaudra, Ghrita.

Dosage: 1 tea spoonful twice a day or as directed by phisician.

Caution: Ajaswagandhadi leham is not vegetarian medicine.

Immune system, General tonics

Immune system, General tonics
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