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Ashoka churna, 100 gr

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Ashoka churna is famous Ayurvedic herb that uses in many different diseases but mainly in bleeding gynecological conditions. Shoka means grief. Ashoka means one that relieves pain and grief of women.
It balances Kapha and Pitta. Also, Ashoka churna is very good cardiac tonic and detoxifier.
- Bleeding diseases, gynaecological bleeding conditions,
- Improves skin complexion,
- Natural detoxifier, cleanser, very useful in poisoning,
- Relieves growth, tumors,
- Relieves burning sensation,
- Useful in worm infestation,
- Useful in cardiac disorders, acts as cardiac tonic,
- Relieves tiredness, useful in emaciation,
- Releives abdominal colic pain, abdominal tumour, bloating.
Dosage: 1/2 to 1 tea spoon twice per day in decoction or dry form or as directed by physician.
Side effects: In case of amenorrhoea and people with cardiac disorders should consult doctor bofore use Ashoka churna.
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