Vrihat Vat Chintamani ras, 1 gr

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Brihat Wat Chintamani RAS is one of the most effective medicines to restore functions of the peripheral nervous system. This medicine is used to treat neuralgia, palsy, and similar disorders of the nervous system.Also, this medicine may be indicated for great mental exertion, stress, and insomnia caused by stress.

Brihat Wat Chintamani RAS is also effective for cardiac arrhythmias, weakness of cardiac muscle.

Indications: neuralgia, paraplegia, paralysis, insomnia, heart rhythm disorders.

Content: Suvarna Bhasma 12%, Ropya Bhasma 8%, Abhraka Bhasma 8%, Pravala Bhasma 12%, Mukta Bhasma 12%, Loha Bhasma 20%, Rasasindoor 28%. Bhavana: Kumari Swarasa

Dosage: 0,125-0,250 grams daily or as directed by your doctor.

Original name: Vrihat Vat Chintamani ras Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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