Brahmarasayanam, 500 gr

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Brahma Rasayana is one of the strongest brain tonics with a powerful rejuvenating effect. 

It brings longevity, fights aging problems, preserves good memory. Brahma Rasayana improves intellectual skills due to balancing left and right brain hemispheres. It develops good coordination, improves memory and information processing, tolerance to intellectual and emotional overloads. It helps the brain to stay at its “peak” level of activity. This medicine improves quality of sleep.

Brahma Rasayana is recommended to everyone who has intellectual over work and chronic tiredness. Students need Brahma Rasayana during intensive study period.

It has a wide range of other useful physiological effects, like immunity and vitality boosting.

Brahma Rasayana benefits:

  • an excellent brain tonic;
  • powerful rejuvenetive effect, a “rasayana”;
  • it boosts vitality and immunity;
  • it is very helpful during intensive studies in students, during intellectual and emotional overloads in adults.

Indications: Brahma Rasayana is a brain tonic for people with intellectual overloads, students, scientists, it fights fatigue and tiredness. As a “Rasayana” it has an anti-aging effect. It does not cause any addiction.

Content: Pathya, Amalaki, Bilwa, Shyonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Agnimantha, Shalaparni, Prishniparni, Brihati, Kantakari, Bala, Punarnava, Eranda, Mashaparni, Mudgaparni, Shatavari, Meda, Jivanti, Rishabhaka, Jivaka, Shali, Kasha, Shara, Darbha, Ikshu, Twak, Ela, Musta, Rajani, Pippali, Agaru, Chandana, Mandukaparni, Nagakeshara, Shankhapushpi, Vacha, Plava,Yashti, Vidanga, Sitopala, Sarpi, sesame oil, honey.

Dosage: ½ of teaspoon twice a day 1 hour before meal or before physical and intellectual activity, together with warm water or milk. During course of Brahma Rasayana light, fresh, vegetarian food is recommended. It should contain milk products, rice, honey, fruits and nuts.

Side effects: none.

Contra indications: MDP, hysteria, acute psychosis and delirium, hyperacidity. It should be avoided in people with diabetes. During pregnancy and lactation period it should be taken in lower doses under guidance of physician.

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