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Ay-Fit is an effective and safe remedy for a variety of eye diseases. They provide symptomatic treatment and fast relief of various ocular disorders, particularly conjunctivitis and impaired vision, are well tolerated by the body.

Ay-Fit restores visual acuity and long-term use significantly improves vision and stops the development of progressive cataracts.
The main components drops ay-Fit are Boerhavia, Triphala and honey.

Additionally, to improve the anti-inflammatory effect, they are enriched with various mineral salts dissolved in purified extracts of flowers of sandalwood, barberry and eclipta Alba, which increases their antiseptic properties. This unique combination Boerhavia, Triphala, honey and special recipes stimulates hydration of the eye surface, easy to penetrate, and also improves the circulation of intraocular fluid, thereby restoring the internal structure of the eye. As a result of applying drops of the steady improvement of vision and the brightness of the eyes. Drop AI-Fit sterile, have soothing antiseptic effect, cooling effect and protect your eyes from all kinds of dirt such as dust, smoke, fumes, excessive heat etc.

Indications: weak eyesight, myopia, hyperopia, cataracts, acute and chronic inflammation of the eyes, konjuktivalnyj and corneal dullness of the eyes, corneal ulcer, keratitis, suppressed ocular degenerative processes.

Content: Boerhavia difiusa 25%, Eclipta abla bask 14%, Azadirachta indica 14%, Teminalia chebula 5%, Terminalia belerica 5%, Phyllantus emblica 5%, Berberis aris-tata 5%, Santalum album 5%, Rosa cordifolia 5%, Ocimum sanctum 5%, Carumbulbocastanum 5%, Alum 3%, Camphor 2%, honey 2%.

The dosage is 1 - 2 drops early in the morning and before bedtime.

Original name: I-fit Neo eye drops Herbs.

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