Lauh Bhasma, 10 grams

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Lauh Bhasma is an iron ash, which is the most active and the most assimilable form of iron.

It cures various iron deficit states like anemia, general weakness and tiredness, teeth fall, hair fall. Also Lauh Bhasma is helpful in diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, migraine, diarrhea, muscle weakness. 

Lauh Bhasma benefits:

  • it is the most active and the most assimilate form of iron;
  • it fights effectively anemia and its consequences.

Indications: anemia, low hemoglobin, bowel atony, urolithiasis, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, calcium metabolism disorders. 

Dosage/Application: 125-250 mg per day together with honey. If one is predisposed to constipation- together with Triphala. 

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