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Pirant, 50 tablets companies Maharishi Ayurveda

Description Pirant, 50 tablets

Pirant effectively treats acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints. It provides instant symptomatic relief of pain and morning stiffness of the joints. Pirant helps prevent sclerotic changes in the joints, enhances immunity, promotes excretion of urates, strengthens synovial membrane and cartilage of the joints.

Pirant neutralizes the toxic effects of AMA, which, according to Ayurveda, is the main cause of inflammation and joint pain.


Indications: inflammatory processes in the joints, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, sciatica, sprains; as an adjuvant in the therapy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines.

Content: Shunthi (zingiber officinale), Lahsun (Allium sativum), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Rasna (Pluchea lanceolate), Kali mirch (Piper nigrum), Pippali (Piper longum), Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi), Kustha (Saussurea lappa), Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Vidarikanda (Pueraria tuberosa), Chitrakamoola (Plumbago zeylanicum), Suranjan (Colchicum luteum), Guggulu (Commiphora mukul).


Dosage/Application: 2 tablets 2-3 times a day after meals.


Contraindications: Pirant tablets are not recommended during pregnancy. People with a sensitive stomach can cause discomfort.

Original name: Pirant, 50 tablets Maharishi Ayurveda.

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