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Description Tentex forte, 100 tablets

Tentex Forte is a combined medication used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.Tentex Forte restores sexual activity and increases libido (sexual desire) due to the stimulating effect on the spinal centers of sexual activity.

Indications: impotence, decreased libido, sexual neurasthenia, weak sexual activity in older people.

Content: Saffron, Amber, Muskadana, Nux vomica, Makardhwaj, Shilajeet, Orchis mascula, Anacyclus pyrethrum, Withania somnifera, Sida cordifolia, Bombax malabaricum Argyreia speciosa, Mucuna pruriens, Trivang.


When there is insufficient erection: 2 tablets with milk or tea for 30 min or 1 h before bedtime (or 1 tablet morning and 1 tablet before bedtime).

When the lack of erection in the elderly: 1 tablet twice a day for 45-50 days. Repeat the treatment every 6 months.

When fully functional impotence of the above-mentioned dose can be increased to 2 tablets 3 times a day (only under a doctor's supervision).

For povysheniya the effectiveness of the medicine is used in conjunction with Himcolin gel or oil Shahi tila.

Side effects: Allergic reactions.

Contraindications: High blood pressure, progressive multiple sclerosis, chronic kidney disease, heart failure.

Original name: Tentex forte 100 tablets Himalaya.

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