Katakakhadiradi kwatham, 100 tablets

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Katakakhadiradi kwatham is a complex herbal medicine from Kerala ayurvedic tradition for diabetes treatment.

This medicine lowers down blood sugar and is helpful in skin and nervous disorders, caused by hyperglycemia.

Indications: diabetes, type 2, with degenerative changes in skin and nervous disorders.

Content: Kataka, Khadira, Dhatri, Vairi, Darvi, Samanga, Vidula, Rajani, Patha, Chutabija, Abhaya, Abda.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets 1-twice a day before meal, or as prescribed by physician.

Diet: avoid sweet, milk, ghee, sugar. Eat less rice, sour and salty food.

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