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Valiya Marma gulika used to treat diseases of the vital organs caused by injuries to locations of Marmas*. This medicine balances all three doshas and can be shown to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

Valiya Marma gulika also effective for treatment of prostatitis and inflammation vocabulearn system.

*Marma - vital points on the body, effects which can affect various organs and systems of the body. Mermavidya - a special section of Ayurveda, which examines the relationship of mA with the work various organs and systems of the body.

Although the Internet has a lot of recommendations on the impact on the marma to obtain a positive therapeutic effect, we recommend you not to do it because the proper application of this science specialists study for years.

Indications: diseases caused by injuries to locations of the marmas, prostatitis, diseases of the urinary system, General tonic for the body.

Ingredients: Vidari, Jivanti, Shatavari, Musta, Bhadramusta, Sukakhykanda, Tuka, Varahi, Dhatri, Guduchi, Sariva, Yashti, Chandana, Raktachandana each 0.052 g, Saileya, Vedhi, Indrmada, Turushka, Kharabola, Garudahvaya each 0.004 g, Nyagrodhankura, Udumbarankura, Aswathankura, Plakshankura each 0.209 g, Gokshura, Lonika, Matsyakshi, Bhadrika, Durva, Tagara, Toya, Usira, Mridukunchika, Kataka, Upalabheda, Sarini each 0.026 g.

Original name: Valiya Marma gulika Kottakkal.

Synonyms: Valya Marma gulika.

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