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Pilex ointment, 30 grams companies Himalaya

Description Pilex ointment, 30 grams

Pilex ointment is a complex medicine used to treat hemorrhoids and cracks of the rectum. The active substances contained in this medicine have a local anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hemostatic and antiseptic (disinfecting) effect. Pilex ointment strengthens the walls and improves the tone of blood vessels. Due to this property, Pilex ointment is also effective for the treatment of varicose veins.

- Hemorrhoids, fissures of the anus, proctitis (inflammation of the rectum).

- Varicose veins (changes in veins, characterized by an uneven increase in their lumen with the formation of protrusion of the wall).

- Thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the vein wall with their obstruction).

Content: Lajjulu, Bhringaraj, Nirgundi, Zergul, Karpoora, Tankana bhasma, Yashad bhasma, base.
Method of application: apply topically 1 or twice a day (with diseases of the rectum before and after the stool). To achieve a better therapeutic effect, Pilex ointment is used together with Pilex tablets.

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