Murti Vasundhara

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Vasudhara or Yellow Tara is a bodhisattva in the Buddhist tradition, the Mahayana. Vasundhara - the Goddess of fertility, the giver of external and internal (spiritual) abundance, helping to overcome the suffering of poverty. Vasundhara helps in blagochestia the acquisition of wealth and prosperity. Vasundhara is considered Buddhist by the name of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi - wife of Vishnu.

The mantra of Vasundhara: TH Vasundhara Matchmaker.

Murthy age: approximately 10-15 years.

Murti material: Bronze.


Height: 4 cm

Length: 6.5 cm

Width: 8.5 cm

Net weight: 180 grams

Country of origin: Nepal.

Original name: Murti Vasundhara.

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