Pain Balm red, 8 ml

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Zandu balm red ultra power , even more powerful version of the well-known for their effectiveness balm pain Sandu. Due to its efficiency, the balm Zandu known and popular not only in India but also abroad. Balm Zandu red became even more effective for headaches, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, bruises and sprains.


Content: Menthol, Capsaicin Annuum, Satva, Oil of Gaultheria Fragrantissima, Syzgium Aromaticum Oil, Melaleuca Leucadendron Oil, CI 26100, CI 60725, Base.


Dosage/Application: small amount of balm applied to bruised (sore) spot and RUB with light massage movements. For headaches - apply to the forehead and temples.

Original name: Zandu Pain Balm red.

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