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Hing vati is a medicine improve digestion and the digestive system in General. Hing vati consists of herbs, which has long been known for its beneficial effects on digestion.

Hing vati is indicated for increased Vata and Kapha dosha so as spices are included in its composition, Pete increase and reduce stagnant usage notes associated with excess Kapha.

Properties: carminative, stimulant, antispasmodic. Reduces Vata and Kapha, used in indigestion Vata type, Pitta increases.

Indications: indigestion, intestinal gas, bloating, intestinal colic, constipation, worms.

Content: asafoetida, trikatu, rock salt, cumin, black cumin, ajwain.

Dosage/Application: 1-3 grams (2-6 tablets) 2-3 times a day.

Original name: Hing vati Shivananda.

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