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What is a murti? Murthy is an image of the Deity in the form of a statue. Usually murtis or statues of Deities are associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, but in fact they were used and using in almost all religions and beliefs. For example, everyone knows the stone heads of Easter Island and the crucifixion of Jesus in Christianity. In fact, even a сhristian Сross can also be called a murti - it's a symbol associated with God.

Why do we need a murti? The human mind is so arranged that it is usually easier for us to pray to God when he has a form. Well, it's true, it's hard to imagine God who does not have any form. Therefore, the Hindus gave God various forms, and Christians pray to God in the form of his Son. Why do the Deities have such forms? The exact answer to this can only be given by the Deities themselves :). In any case, the ancient sages saw them in these forms and we can only accept that.

But the murti has one more side - the esthetic side. It's nice when the manifestation of God has a beautiful form. At least, we would really like this :).

Therefore, the murtis must be beautiful, esthetic. I would like them to match our understanding of how the physical manifestation of God should look. It is for this reason that we try to bring only beautiful murti handmade. Now most of the murtis are stamped in India, not caring about how the Deities look. Even in Nepal, which has always been famous for quality murtis, now sold everywhere only Indian "consumer Goods". Therefore, we constantly go to India and Nepal in search of not just a murti, but works of art. And when we can to buy a murti, which is dozens of years, we feel like real lucky ones!

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