Agastya Rasayana, 200 gr

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Agastya Rasayana is used to cure many of the respiratory tract diseases. It is one of the best medicines for asthma. Agastya Rasayana got its name after ancient sage Agastya, who was the first to describe it. Its ingredients help in expelling mucous, relaxing respiratory spasms. Agastya Rasayana protects respiratory tract in people, who smoke, as well as it helps to purify bronchi and lungs in those, who have quitted smoking.

Also, due to its unique qualities, this medicine is a rejuvenative (“rasayana”).

Agastya Rasayana benefits:

  • useful in many of the acute and chronic respiratory diseases;
  • great medicine for all types of asthma and tuberculosis;
  • boosts immunity and has a rejuvenative effect.

Indications: cough, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, influenza, common cold, pneumonia, pleurisy, dyspnea.


Content: Bilva, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patali, Ganikarika, Shala-Parni, Prsni-Parni, Brhati, Kantakari, Goksura, Svayangupta, Shankhapuspi, Shati, Bala, Hasti-Pippali, Apamarga, Pippali, Chitraka, Bharngi, Puskara Mula, Yava, Haritaki, Ghee, Till oil, Madhu, Jaggery.

Dosage: 1/2 - 1 teaspoon twice a day or as prescribed by physician.

Side effects: there are no known side effects for Agastya Rasayana.  

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