Kumar kalyan ras, 1 gr

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Kumar kalyan ras is a special rasayana for children with weak health.

It is an excellent immune and cardiovascular tonic, it protects from respiratory tract diseases, improves digestion.

Kumar kalyan ras is a source of all 20 amino acids, calcium, magnesium, sodium, enzymes, vitamins, nitrogen, polysaccharides.

Kumar kalyan ras benefits:

  • it regulates blood sugar and cholesterol;
  • it cures ulcers, ulcerative colitis;
  • it helps in arthritis, joint and muscular pains;
  • it regulates digestion;
  • it fights herpes virus, including genital herpes.
  • an anti-parasite remedy.


Content: Ras Sindura, Moti Bhasm, Suwarn Bhasm, Abhrak Bhasm,Loh Bhasm,Sonamakhi Bhasm,Dharit Kumari.

Dosage: 30-60 mg twice a day together with honey. Dosing depends upon age.


Immune system, General tonics

Child heath

Endocrine diseases, diabetes, thyroids

Digestive system

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