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Zinc is essential for all cells in our body, and a sufficient amount is important for the proper functioning of many organs and systems. It is also essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and also has antioxidant properties. It also helps to normalize blood sugar levels.

Zinc is essential for cell growth, protein production, wound healing, and healthy skin. Normalizing zinc levels in the body is a major aid in getting rid of acne, especially in adults.

Zinc is considered the metal of masculinity and is beneficial for men of all ages, especially those who play sports. Moreover, it is essential for the normal functioning of the prostate.

Indications: weakened immunity, normalization of the nervous system and brain, tonic for the cardiovascular system, vision, male reproductive system.

Content: zinc L-asparaginate (active zinc) - 12.6 mg, manganese asparaginate (manganese) - 0.05 mg, calcium hydrogen phosphate (phosphorus) - 30 mg, vitamin A - 1666 IU, vitamin C - 10 mg, vitamin D - 2.5 mcg, excipients.

Dosage: 1-3 tablets per day with meals or as directed by a doctor. Reception course: 4 weeks.

Original name: Zinc active №80 Elite-Pharm.

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