Valya Chandanadi tailam Kottakkal, 200 ml

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Valya Chandanadi tailam - massage oil with cooling properties, which is shown at an elevated Pitta dosha. Valya Chandanadi tailam soothes and nourishes dry, dehydrated skin, improves blood circulation, calms the nervous system, effectively removes toxins. Additionally, this oil is effective for removal of inflammatory processes in diseases of the joints.

Also Valya Chandanadi tailam have any use for cosmetic purposes - it makes the skin elastic and has anti-aging properties.

Indications: massage oil with imbalance of Pita dosha, inflammation in the joints.

Content: Prapaundarika, Manjishta, Dhataki, Padmakeshara, Kumuda, Utpala, Shaluka, Mrinala, Padmaka, Ananta, Kusha, Kasha, Ikshu, Kshirishrunga, Valkala, Yashtimadhu, Priyala, Parushaka, Rasanjana, Ashoka Mrudveeka, Shatavari, Tanduleeyaka, Tila taila, Chandana, Udichya, Nalada, Dhatri, Yasthyahva, Sariva, Bala.

Dosage/Application: warm oil applied to the skin, massaging lightly. Allow to soak for 30-60 minutes. Excess oil wipe with a cloth.

Original name: Valya Chandanadi tailam, 200 ml Kottakkal.

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