Valeriana - Hops Danikafarm-GreenSet, 90 tablets

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Valeriana - Hops is a mild sedative that helps restore and maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system under stress and provides sound, healthy, restorative sleep.

- insomnia caused by anxiety, fear, overexcitation;
- increased nervous irritability, irritability, anxiety;
- vegetative-vascular dystonia;
- arterial hypertension of the mild stage against the background of insomnia, psychological stress.

Content: valerian root and rhizomes, hop cones 90%, lactose 10%.

Dosage: 2 tablets 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment and prophylaxis course 8-12 weeks, if necessary, repeat after 2-3 weeks.

Original name: Valeriana - Hops, 90 tablets Danikafarm-Greenset.

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