Toothpaste Sparkling white Himalaya, 80 grams

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Whitening toothpaste Sparkling white effectively eliminates plaque and has astringent and antibacterial properties. It contains natural enzymes to gently eliminate stains from the tooth surface. Due to its composition, toothpaste Sparkling white effectively strengthens the gums, reduces inflammation, eliminates bleeding, prevents toothache and freshen breath.


Main ingredients:

The miswak has astringent svoistvami, thereby prevents bleeding and reduces inflammation of the gums and effectively removes plaque, which is important for preventing tooth decay.

- Menthol and peppermint have anti-inflammatory effect and gives fresh breath.

- Almonds are rich in tannins, has astringent properties for healing of the gums.

- Pineapple and papaya contain natural enzymes which purify and improve the color of teeth.

- Clove essential oil stops the pain and soothes excited nerves dental.

Original name: Himalaya Sparkling white Toothpaste.

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