Terms and conditions

Dear customers, please pay attention to our work schedule:

Mon-Fri: from 9:00 to 18:00;
Sat, Sun: weekend.
Orders for sending day to day are accepting until 11:00 !
If you need to tell us something urgent after 6:00 pm and before 9:00 am or on weekends, you can always send us a message via the feedback form or a letter.

Shelf life of Goods that we send to customers:
We send customers only products with good expiration dates. Medicines with short expiry date (less than 6 months) and expired we sale with indication of the final expiry date (in description) and never send to customers without agreement .

Appearance of medicines:
Sometimes labels have slight scuffs, and boxes can be a little loose. Medicines pass a very long distance and two customs before we get it. And, alas, they do not always come in perfect condition. Our vendors pack it as best as possible, but this does not always allow us to keep the original appearance.
If the appearance of the label has deteriorated significantly (stained, worn or torn), or the box is badly wrinkled, we put such a Goods on sale with an indication of the reason and, never send it to customers without agreement .
P.S. We pack orders in stretch film and plastic bags. Upon delivery by courier services, the contents of the package, of course, can be confused. We cannot influence this. If you are interested in the appearance of the packaging of medicines, please specify when ordering that we send in a box. This will increase shipping costs, but will preserve the integrity of the packaging of medicines.

Manufacturers regularly change label design. We change the images on our site, but not always it turns out to be done promptly. Please before you begin to worry :) , look at the name of the manufacturer of the medicine, indicated on the label and compare it to indicated on the website. If they do not match, you don’t need to worry anyway :) - inform us. In case of an mistake (very rarely, but it happens), we will replace the medicine for you at our expense.
We offer the following order delivery options:
- Inland international delivery by Ukrposhta
Usually delivery takes 14-30 days depending to the destination country. It's most cheap way.

- Air international delivery by Ukrposhta
Usually delivery takes 7-20 days depending to the destination country. It's also cheap way but little bit expensive then inland shipment.

- International delivery by Speedpost EMS
Usually delivery takes 7-10 days. It's more expensive then standard post shipment but still cheap and fast enough.

- International delivery by DHL
Usually delivery takes 3-7 days. It's most expensive was but also most fast.
We have several options of payment for the order:

- Secure online payment from any VISA or Mastercard cards.

- Secure moneytrasfer without any fees via SendMoney service of Privatbank*.
*The transaction proceeds on Privatbank's website. You need only fill your card details and total amount of the bill.

- Payment with Paypal*.
*Unfortunately Paypal does not work in Ukraine. You can transfer money for the order to our partner in India. To confirm the payment, we will ask you to send a copy of the payment confirmation by email.