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Shilajeet is widely used in Ayurveda not only as an independent the medicine, but also as a component of more complex medicines.

Range action is very wide: it is used in diseases of the joints, male and female reproductive systems, skin, kidney, endocrine diseases and even some types of cancer.

Shilajit suitable for all three doshas and is a great anti-aging remedy.

Indications: fractures, dislocations, injuries, arthritis, female and male infertility, impotence, allergies, diabetes, gipertireoze, inflammation of the urinary tract, diseases of the respiratory system, poor circulation, low immunity.

Content: Shuddha shilajeet (Purified shilajeet).

Dosage/Application: 1 to 2 drops (volume 1-2 black peppercorns) 1-twice a day.

Contraindications: kidney stones, diabetes insipidus.

Original name: Sat Shilajeet, 20 grams Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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