Sharose plus Shahnaz Husain, 200 ml

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Saros plus is a comprehensive tonic for all skin types. Tightens pores, tones and refreshes the skin. Makes it elastic and taut. Saros, plus reduce the amount of fat on the surface of the skin, deeply cleanses pores from dirt and germs, regulates water balance.
Active ingredients: rose, tamarind, mint, cabbage, sandalwood.

 Method of application: with a damp cotton swab and tonic apply to face and neck. Can be used as a cleaner several times a day. When used together with "Shagreen" is an effective treatment for acne, imperfections and age spots.

To ensure that You get fresh and high-quality cosmetics, all products of Shahnaz Hussain Herbals is brought only from India!

Original name: Sharose plus, 200 ml, Shahnaz Husain.

In our store You can buy authentic Toner for all skin types, Saros plus, 200ml Shahnaz Hussain at the best price!

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