Probably everyone already knows that the main problem posed by pneumonia caused by Covid is rapid damage to the lungs. Recovery takes many months and all this time a person may feel weak, short of breath and have low efficiency.

These medications will help your lungs recover faster and shorten your recovery time from illness:

- Do inhalation with Panch Tulsi drops twice a day. You can add 5 drops to water or tea. Panch Tulsi drops, when taken on an empty stomach in water, are an excellent detoxifier.

- Ashwagandha Ghan Vati will help restore lung volume.

- Tulsi supports the respiratory process.

- Giloy Ghan Vati boosts immunity and improves body tone.

Commentary from the administration of the store: We do not recommend treating Covid with Ayurveda. Despite the fact that Covid is a type of flu, it causes fast developing pneumonia, which can destroy the lungs in just a week and Ayurveda may simply not have time to help a weakened body! In addition, Covid multiplies blood clotting, which leads to thrombosis, and in some cases, disability and death.
Yes, of course, these medicines can be used during illness, but in parallel with alopathic treatment, and not instead of it!

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