Rasraj Ras Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy, 1 grams

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Rasraj Ras refers to a very strong Ayurvedic Rasa preparations. This is one of the most effective medicines for the treatment of neuro - muscular diseases, such as paralysis, hemiplegia, facial paralysis, hearing disorders. The technique allows to improve the activity of the nervous system and muscles.

Additionally, Rasraj Ras is a General tonic, fills the body with energy. Aphrodisiac.

Indications: paralysis, hemiplegia, facial paralysis, hearing disorders.

Content: Shudh Parad 51.00%, Abrak satva 12.75%, Swarn bhasma 6.50%, Loh bhasma, Rajat bhasma, Vang bhasma, Ashwagandha, Lavang, Javitri, Ksheera Kakoli each 4.25% processed with Kakamachi swarasa.   

Dosage: 100 mg 1-2 times a day with milk or water after meals or as directed by your doctor.

Attention! Overdose can lead to poisoning of the body.

Contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding. Children only on prescription.

Original name: Rasraj Ras Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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