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Pushyanug churna is a wonderful tonic for the female reproductive system. The herbs included in the composition Pushyanug churna, help to rejuvenate the female reproductive system, preserving and maintaining its normal function.

Pushyanug churna helps the body fight pathogens (infection) in the vagina, normalizes the selection.


- leucorrhea and watery discharge from the vagina, infection vaginal tissue

- amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea
- infertility associated with endometrial problems.
- violation of hormonal background,of fibroid tumors in the uterus, ovarian cysts.
- hemorrhoids.
- diarrhea.


Content: Patha, Jambu, Amra, Shilabheda, Rasanjana, Ambasthaki, Mocharasa, Samanga, Padma kesara, Vahlika, Ativisa, Musta, Bilva, Lodhra, Gairika, Katphala, Maricha, Shunti, Mrdvika, Rakta candana, Katvanga, Vatsaka, Anantha, Dhataki, Madhuka, Arjuna.

Dosage/Application: 3-5 grams powder with water twice a day.

Original name: Pushyanug churna, 100 grams Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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