Polyfitaminka Danikafarm-GreenSet, 90 tablets

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Polyfitaminka - specially selected complex of herbs, vitamins and minerals needed by our body to maintain proper functioning.

Polyfitaminka contains a wide range of nutrients - E, β – carotene (stronger antioxidant effect than vitamin A), C; B vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 (folic acid), PP (nicotinic acid), carotenoids – lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidant for vision); Biotin (for hair), anthocyanins involved in all life processes, as well as macro and trace minerals, 12 of which are structural. This is Ca, Mg, Na, K, P, G, Fe, Cu, Zn, Co, J, Mn, Cr, Mo, F, Se and others.

Vitamins and minerals in this complex have a natural origin, which guarantees high digestibility and usefulness to the body.


- multivitamin complex for everyday use;
- reduced immunity (seasonal and the result of chronic diseases);
- Hypo - and avitaminosis;
- increased physical and emotional stress, overwork, overstrain;
- frequent colds, inflammatory and infectious diseases;

Content: sea-buckthorn berries, citrus fruits, hawthorn, Rowan, rosehip, of chokeberry, green walnut; grape seeds, berries cranberry, cranberries 99.9%, lactose 0.1 percent.

Dosage/Application: 2 tablets 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment-and-prophylactic course of 8-12 weeks, repeat if necessary 2-3 weeks.

Original name: Polyfitaminka, 90 tablets Danikafarm-Greenset.

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