Navratna I-Cool talc Himani, 100 grams

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Body powder cooling ay cul Navratna is a great natural alternative to artificial antiperspirants. Talc Navratna softens skin, absorbs excess moisture, prevents irritation and the appearance of potnichek. Also Talc ay cul Navratna has deodorizing properties. The skin after its application is silky and delicate, leaving a feeling of freshness and coolness on the skin. Talc is pprevoshodnaja protection all day from sweating, unpleasant smell, creating a barrier to the penetration of germs and dirt particles.

These properties are particularly relevant in summer, when perspiration is more intense.

Content: ingredients: talc, Amla, bacopa, oil of damask rose, vetiver, hemidesmus Indian, cardamom, Lotus, sandalwood, neem, nagarmotha extract of the clove tree.

Dosage/Application: the Talc should be applied to dry skin after showering or bathing. For convenience, you can use puff or powder brush.

Original name: I Navratna Cool talc Himani.

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