Miniscar cream Charak, 30 grams

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Miniscar - cream to reduce scars, stretch marks and scars. Specially selected ingredients of the cream Miniscar reduce inflammation, improve healing of wounds, improve blood circulation in the connective tissue and increase collagen production.

Indications: stretch marks, scars, scars, pimples.

Ingredients: Kumari 900 mg, extracts of Ashmabheda, Sariva, Lodhra each 600 mg, Haritaki, Babool each 300 mg, Cream base, Approved preservatives q.s.

Dosage/Application: a small amount of cream and RUB gently into the skin (previously cleaned), twice a day. Duration of use: from two weeks to 3-4 months or as directed by your doctor.

Original name: Miniscar cream Charak.

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