Kushmanda Rasayana Kottakkal, 200 grams

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Kushmanda rasayana - a famous classical medicine of Kerala Ayurvedic school in jam form. Kushmanda rasayana cures chronic respiratory diseases, improves immunity and strength. It also uses after anti tuberculosis treatment to improve general health and strength of the body. It helps to minimize the side effects of chemical medicines by supporting liver and improving digestion.  Also it uses in the treatment of bleeding disorders and emaciation.

As rasayana, it rejuvenate the body, improves strength.

Indications: chronic respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, general weakness.

Content: Kushmanda, Pippali, Ginger, White caraway, Cinnamon, Patra, Cardamom, Black pepper, Coriander.

Dosage/Application: 5 - 15 grams with warm water or milk once or twice a day, or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

Side effetcs: There are no known side effects with this mediicne.

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