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Keshraj (Bhringrajadi) is a complex medicine based on Bringraj, which is used mainly for alopecia. This medicine improves hair growth, restores pigmentation (fights with gray hair), is effective for dandruff. Also, due to the large content of Bingraj and Amla, Keshraj churna is a good rasayana (rejuvenator), tonic for the nervous system and liver.

The properties of the components of Keshradj (Bringarajajadi) are:

Bhringraj is a famous anti-aging medicine, which has much in common with Brahmi. It is a good brain tonic. Bhringraj helps to decrease destructive emotions, like fury, jealousy, irritation, hatred, and their consequences. It improves quality of sleep. In such situation it is the best to apply Bhringraj or Brahmi oil on the top of the head and on the soles. It improves vision.Bhringraj is the best medicine in Ayurveda for hair growth, it prevents grey hair and hair fall. Hair becomes shiny and silky. Bhringraj is a great rejuvenator for people with Pitta constitution. It also the best remedy for liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and other liver disorders. Bhringraj has a good anti-inflammatory and detoxing activity. This medicine is very helpful in menorrhagia as it has good hemostatic activity as well. 

Amalaki is one of the most powerful “rasayanas”, rejuvenetive remedies in Ayurveda. It is a very precious herb for Pitta constitution. Also, amalaki is the richest source of vitamin C (up to 3000 grams in one fruit). Due to this, it has a good anti-inflammatory and hemostatic activity. Amalaki improves digestion, purifies bowels and blood.

Sesame has a hemostatic activity as well; it increases the number of platelets. It is very rich in Calcium and Magnesium. Sesame is a natural antioxidant and it prevents premature skin aging. 

Content: Bhringraj, Sesame, Amalaki, Sugar.

Dosage/Application: 2-3 tablets twice a day together with warm water.


Contra indications: severe colds.

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