Argana oil, 100 ml Organic

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349 грн.

Argana oil is one of the most precious cosmetic oils. It cares perfectly about skin, hair and nails.

Argana oil contains unique combination of sterols, antioxidants and non-saturated fatty acids, stimulates collagen production due to high quantity of vitamins A and E. 

Argana oil benefits:

  • it has rejuvenative and regenerative effect on skin, hair and nails;
  • it fits all skin types;
  • it softens and moisturizes skin, smooths wrinkles;
  • it can be indicated in various dermatological diseases, burns, wounds;
  • it is very helpful in hair fragility, dryness of the head skin.
  • it strengthens nails.

Purification level: cosmetic 

Packaging: dark medical glass, 100 ml

Hair loss, baldness

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