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Toothgel Red, 80 grams companies Dabur

Description Toothgel Red, 80 grams


Toothgel Dabur Red is a unique blend of traditional Indian Medicine and modern pharmaceutical technology bringing out the best of both, the side effects free, effective formulation useful for maintaining oral hygiene and keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Dabur Red toothgel is packed with the power of 13 active Ayurvedic ingredients like Laung Pudina & Tomar that keep all your dental problems away.
Dabur Red toothgel has been clinically tested for reduction in plaque, gingivitis & bad breath. In-vivo study of Dabur Red toothgel had been done using healthy subjects. A statistically significant improvement was observed in user when all the four conditions like Plaque, Gingivitis, Stain and Malodor were assessed. Dabur Red toothgel’s user has shown a significant persistent effect and no immediate reversal of conditions after stoppage of its use in all four conditions.

- Clove oil: Helps in fighting germs and cure gingivitis
- Pudina Satwa: Helps prevent Bad breath and Toothache
- Tomar Beej: Helps prevent Dental diseases
- Sunthi (Ginger): Helps prevent Toothache

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