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Haritaki is rasayana, prolongs life, rejuvenates the body, gives the sharp eyesight and is a good General tonic. Helps burn toxins and balances doshas, slightly poslabljaet. This is one of the component famous composition Triphala.

Haritaki improves digestion and assimilation of food, regulates the function of the colon, prescribed for irritable bowel syndrome. It has laxative properties, but is also shown in diarrhea-induced malabsorbziei bad suction function of the intestine.

Haritaki is also used in cough and bronchitis, fever.

This medicine is indicated for splenomegaly, is a tonic for the liver. Additionally, it applies when spermatorrhea, nocturnal emissions, menorrhagia and leucorrhoea, strengthens the dropdown organs (uterus).

Haritaki is also used for treating diabetes and related diseases.

Indications: Rasayana, malabsorption (poor digestion) and the accompanying diarrhea, bloating, constipation, cough, asthma, hoarseness, parasitic infection, jaundice, diseases of the spleen.

Content: Terminalia chebula powder 100%.


Dosage/Application: 1 teaspoons one or two times a day with warm water.

Contraindications: pregnancy, severe imbalance of Pita dosha.


Original name: Haritaki churna Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

Synonyms: Harad, Baheda.

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