Benefits of peanuts

1. The regular use of peanuts reduces the constipation due to the high oil content. Peanuts improve digestion and also reduce the problem of loss of appetite. In addition, its use eliminates the problem of acidity.

 2. Peanuts are also useful for wet coughs. Its regular use improves lung function.

 3. The regular use of peanuts is also very beneficial for pregnant women. Helps in the development of the baby during pregnancy.

 4. Protein, healthy fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are found in large quantities in peanuts, and Omega-6 acid, which is also found in peanuts, is responsible for cell health and good skin. So the skin will be young throughout life.

 5. Peanuts play an important role in controlling cholesterol. Cholesterol is reduced by 5.1 percent. In addition, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is also reduced by 7.4 percent.
The study also found that eating peanuts five days a week reduces the risk of heart disease.

 6. If you eat 50 or 100 grams of peanuts daily after eating, then health is restored, food is digested, there is no lack of blood in the body.

 7. Peanuts have a lot of calcium and vitamin D, so eating them makes your bones strong.

 8. It is believed that daily consumption of a small amount of peanuts maintains a balance of hormones in women and men.

1306 03/02/2020
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