Immunity support
Neem Guard, 60 capsules
Immubuild, 2x30 tablets
$7.2 $6.7
Immunocort, 90 tablets
Giloy Satva, 10 grams
Septilin, 60 tablets
Immugen, 60 tablets
Extrammune, 2x30 tablets
Immun Guard, 60 capsules
Acerola, 90 tablets
I-Vegiehills, 60 tablets
$7.4 $6.7
Amalaki, 60 tablets
$6.3 $5.5
Acidact, 100 tablets
$12.2 $8.5
Acidact, 2x10 tablets
$2.4 $1.7
Babuna, 50 ml
$3.1 $1.5
BAL Fireweed, 100 ml
$2.4 $2.6
Health tips from Dr. Deepak Kumar
Benefits of cow's milk and cheese
Benefits of cow's milk and cheese

Cow's milk is very useful for children and the elderly. The use of cow's milk gives our body the ability to fight diseases and maintain good healt..

05/02/2020 1758
Ayurvedic and home remedies for weight loss
Ayurvedic and home remedies for weight loss

Fasting morning drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon black pepper powder, four teaspoons of lemon and a teaspoon honey. If you do thi..

04/02/2020 1878
Beautiful face skin
Beautiful face skin

The most expensive creams, lotions, etc. are used to lighten the skin and even out its complexion, but even they do not bring quick results. But it is..

04/02/2020 1427
Benefits of peanuts
Benefits of peanuts

1. The regular use of peanuts reduces the constipation due to the high oil content. Peanuts improve digestion and also reduce the problem of loss of a..

03/02/2020 1364